HOLIDAY Entertainment Guide

  • Betty Booze can pouring into pitcher
    Blake Lively founded Betty Booze with a simple idea – that what we drink should be held to the same standards as the foods we eat. Our commitment to making beverages that are real, uncomplicated, and delicious means we take the time to create homemade recipes from high-quality ingredients – with and without alcohol.

    Real cocktails made with real food

    We pair the freshest fruits, spices, herbs and more with real spirits and just the right amount of bubbles to create unmatched, unmistakably delicious drinks.
    Betty Booze Apple Ginger Sour Cherry product shot
    sparkling bourbon
    with Apple Ginger Sour Cherry
    tasting notes
    Betty Booze Circle Logo
    Betty Booze Oak Smoked Lemonade product shot
    sparkling tequila
    with Oak Smoked Lemonade
    tasting notes
    Betty Booze Lime Shiso product shot
    sparkling tequila
    with Lime Shiso
    tasting notes

    Find us where wine (and more) are totally sold.